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Practices at a Glance


  • Organize by granular task
  • Provide nutshell answer
  • Limit dependencies. Don't depend on a link for the answer; use links to augment the answer.
  • Provide warm hand-offs. Don't just link. Say what/why you are linking.



  • Title
  • Applies to
  • Description
  • Additional Resources
  • Related Items

Test Cases
  • Does the title distinguish by product or version where possible?
  • Are important nouns a user might scan for towards the left of the title?

Applies to
  • Is it clear what technologies or products this applies to?
  • Conversely, is it clear what technologies of products this does not apply to?

  • Is the ‘how’ comprehensive enough to solve the problem?
  • Does the ‘how’ give the solution precisely and succinctly?
  • Can each mini how to stand alone without requiring external links to more information?
  • For mini how to's that require a more complex explanation is there a link to a how to?
  • If there is an associated How To, is it clearly linked from the mini how to?
  • Is each mini how to short and to the point (solutions in a nut shell)?
  • Can nothing be removed from the mini how to without breaking it?

Additional Resources
  • Are the links from trusted sites?
  • Are the links correct in context of the Inspection Check?

Related Items
  • Are the correct items linked in context of the Inspection Check?

Additional Tests to Consider When Writing a Checklist Item
  • Does the title read like a "How" question?
  • Does the title lead correctly to appropriate actionable item?
  • If the item is a MUST, meaning it is prevelant and high impact, is Priority = p1?
  • If the item is a SHOULD, meaning it has less impact or is only applicable in narrower circumstances, is Priority = p2?
  • If the item is a COULD, meaning it is nice to know about but isn't highly prevelant or impactful, is Priority = p3?
  • If this item will have cascading impact on application design, is Type = Design?
  • If this item should be followed just before deployment, is concerned with configuration details or runtime behavior, is Type = Deployment?
  • If this item is still in progress or not fully reviewed, is Status = Beta?

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