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Description of a recurrent design problem and a set of proven solutions


  • Title
  • Context
  • Problem
  • Forces
  • Solution
  • Considerations
  • Additional Resources
  • Related Items

Test Cases

  • Does the name convey the meaning behind the pattern without being too long or unwieldy?
  • Is it clear under what conditions the pattern is applicable?
  • Is the context mapped to relevant customer scenarios?

  • Does the problem statement include intent?
  • Is the problem concise?

  • Are constraints on the problem and clear?
  • Are conflicts between forces clear?
  • Are conflicts between forces and the goal of the solution clear?
  • Do the forces, in combination, give a sense of the trade-offs that must be considered?

  • Are diagrams used to clarify architecture and solution flow?
  • Are solution tradeoffs explained?
  • Does the solution provide all the steps necessary to achieve the desired outcome?
  • Are pitfalls and common problems described?

  • Are the consequences that do not have applicable patterns described?
  • Are potential solutions to these consequences outlined?
  • Has testing, security, performance, reliability and operations been considered?

Additional Resources
  • Are the links from trusted sites?
  • Are the links correct in context of the Design Pattern?

Related Items
  • Are the correct items linked in context of the Design Pattern?

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