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Guideline Item Template Explained

  • Title - Insert a relevant tile for the guidance module.
  • Applies To - Insert the most direct technologies, or application types this guideline applies to. Unlike technology field above, this section can contain a combination of items Make a simple list. Don’t be verbose.
  • What to Do - Insert the specific action for the user to take. Express an explicit user action: design, implementation or configuration action. Leverage “do” and “do not” verbage (e.g. Do Not Create Threads on a Per-Request Basis) If context or condition is important preface with "If …" …. (e.g. If you call COM components, consider calling ReleaseComObject) Don’t include how to or implementation. That belongs in the How To section. Don’t include why information in this section. That belongs in the Why section.
  • Why - Insert why this guideline is important. This should motivate you to take action.
  • When - Insert when this guideline is relevant here.
  • How - Insert the steps required to apply this guideline
  • Problem Example - Insert problem example
  • Solution Example - Insert solution example
  • Additional Resources - Add links to additional resources here.
  • Related Items - Add information about related guideline or checklist items here

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