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Welcome to Prescriptive Guidance Engineering! The purpose of this project is to share templates and techniques for building prescriptive guidance, such as checklists, guidelines, and how tos. We've tried a lot of approaches over the years. Here we try to distill the essence of what works for writing guidance modules. Here you can see the templates, the schema and test cases we used for building guidance modules for several patterns & practices projects over the years.

- J.D. Meier, Paul Enfield

Usage Scenarios

  • Use the templates for creating actionable guidance for your company
  • Use the templates for creating actionable guidance for the community
  • Use the templates to contribute to patterns & practices projects

Guidance Templates

Use templates when creating content. Template help make the content easier to create, use and reuse.

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Here are templates for additional content types:

Template Summaries

Application Scenario Application Scenario provide fast before and after skeletal views of end to end application scenarios.
At a Glance Presents the essential information into a quick view.
Cheat Sheet Presents reference information as a quick view.
Checklist Present a verification to perform ("what to check for", "how to check" and "how to fix")
Code Example Scenario-based example code with objectives, a test case, and narrative text.
Explained Explained exposes the what and how mechanics (e.g. how things work, basic architecture, design intentions, usage scenarios).
Guidelines Present the “what to do”, “why”, and “how”.
How To How Tos are steps to execute an end to end task.
Practices at a Glance Brief problem and solution pairs that summarize solutions and link to more information.
Template Give precise instructions. Show an example of what good looks like inline where possible. Include entry and exit criteria for key sections.
Template Example Instantiates a template with an example of what a completed template would look like.
Walkthrough Narrative walkthrough of the task or tasks. A “fly on the wall”observation of an activity.

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Guidelines for Writing Guidelines

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